Juicy Hips

There is this adorable video making the rounds of an OB who teaches his patients to dance as a way to help labor progress, and let me tell you it is sweet, but this is NOT new. Just about every culture in the world, at some point in their history, taught women to rhythmically move their hips as part of a traditional, gender-specific orientation to their expectations as child bearers.

Teaching women to move in this way, joyfully, and as a deep, reverential expression of their body’s power is a way to connect with the “flow of ancestors” and is just plain FUN!

In cities across the world (even in Fresno, CA!) mamas can find dance classes specifically designed to promote flexibility, stability, general health, and connection with their pregnant bodies and other pregnant women. Look for these classes, especially those that encourage more organic flow and creative expression as opposed to rigid sequences.

So, thanks to our ancient grandmothers who passed down this beautiful tradition, and the chain of mothers that have preserved it, we can all connect to this maternal rhythm and dance in whatever way feels good for us. Get it, mama!

….and bonus points if you can get partner in on it, too!

Join us next week when we continue to explore movement in pregnancy and labor: YOGA EDITION!