Laughing All the Way To the Hospital

In the next few posts, I will let y’all in on some of the jewels I received from the DONA Labor Support Doula & Lactation Training. This week, we gently wade into the birth tub with a chuckle of relief.

Attitude is Everything

The way we approach birth can really set the tone for how we experience birth. If we go in with only our exposure to bumbling sitcom tableaux and horror stories from our family and friends, we can take a lot of unnecessary fear into what could otherwise be a very powerful, triumphant, and joyful experience.

Using humor is great way to become comfortable with the process of birth and to remind us that we are allowed to laugh (*gasp*) in labor and even keep a sense of humor throughout the process. Leaving space for you to be encouraged and surprised by your own strength and courage throughout your labor will set a hopeful tone for your ability to source resilience as a parent (you will need this, oh, how you will need this).

The following video is fun way to educate yourself on both the physics of labor and the attitude of humor that will help keep up your strength when you are challenged beyond what you thought you could endure (spoiler alert: you are a warrior and you will be transformed).



Stay tuned next week as we journey into the Land of Spinning Babies!