You Spin Me Right Round

As the estimated due date gets closer and closer, “optimal fetal positioning” will be a phrase heard more and more frequently, and for good reason. When baby is optimally positioned, mama and baby can work together most efficiently, which usually means fewer medical interventions will warrant consideration. So, what’s the “optimal position”? Well, with multiples, it gets a bit complicated, but for singletons, head down, chin tucked, and baby’s back to mama’s front is considered best, to put it in simple, non-anatomical terms.

While these points are important, they don’t offer a complete story of how baby uses the environment of mama’s body to prepare for a safe and speedy exit. Spinning Babies offers a wider concept of the relationship between baby and womb to improve birth outcomes, specifically to ease the birthing process and reduce the chances of cesarean.

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Come on back next week when we dive into the power of skin-to-skin contact!