Birth and Baby Preparation Education

Private Birth Preparation Education

Pam England wrote that the most important thing a pregnant person needs to know is “What is it need to know to give birth?” If it seems like the answer to that question is a question, you are absolutely right! Only you know what you need to give birth to this baby. At our free consultation, we can co-create the perfect birth education course for you, focusing on the information you want, not just what someone else thinks is good enough for you.

Whether you are scheduled for a planned cesarean birth or have just hired the midwife attending your home birth, we can tailor an education course to meet your individual needs.

Depending on breadth and depth of information desired, this service is offered between $400 and $600.

Small Group Home Birth Preparation Education

I created Fierce Love: The Journey of Birthing at Home at the request of a midwife to help her respond to the unique needs of the families she serves choosing home birth. It is a comprehensive home birth, lactation, and newborn care course that guides discovery of the inner and outer resources necessary to experience safe and satisfying childbirth in your own home, and how to care for your new arrival. The focus is on maintaining strong relationships, learning and practicing tools to cope with the intensity of labor, and strategizing the successful expansion of your family in an environment conducive to healing and bonding.

This course is offered at $400 per parent team. Please contact for group formation and location guidelines.

Lactation and Newborn Care 

As a Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor and DONA-trained postpartum doula, I offer a fun and informative course to prepare you for the arrival of your new little one! This course can be given in a private or small group setting. Learning baby’s cues and how to respond to them will be a dance you and your baby perfect together, and having a solid base from which to start makes a huge difference as your relationship transitions from “inside to outside”.

This course is offered privately at $200 per parent team and can be given in (2) 2-hour sessions or one (4) hour session, or in small groups at $100. Please contact for group formation and location guidelines