Postpartum Doula

Parents are the best providers of loving care for their babies. I honor this, so my primary focus is not on the baby (you’ve got that covered), but on the people who care for the new baby.

If you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by a support system, it is still frequently the case where well-meaning family and friends sometimes offer the kind of support that feels less like helpful suggestions and more like “you’re doing it wrong.”

I focus on helping parents to find their own way, without judgement. The first weeks after birth are a unique time in a family’s life. With a trusted professional taking care of all the little things that make a big difference, you can honor this special time to heal, to bond as a family, and to nurture your life together.

Ways I like to help:

  • Support establishment of breastfeeding
  • Extended breastfeeding support
  • Facilitating parent/baby connection
  • Supportive guidance with newborn care
  • Light housecleaning
  • Laundry
  • Running errands
  • Meal prep and cooking
  • Sibling care (human and furry, too)
  • Just about anything that supports parents and/or that gives extended family and friends that are already helping a break so they can enjoy the new baby!

Postpartum visits are offered in the following packages, to be scheduled in at least 4-hour blocks. All hours must be scheduled within the listed timeframe at the time of contract signing. 50% of the total contract is due at the time of signing as a retainer.

12 hours $575 / 1 week after birth

24 hours $1100 / 2 weeks after birth

48 hours $2100 / 6 weeks after birth